[Today's entry was written by Dreyfus...]

Yo! Heavy-D here, givin' a big shout out to my cuz Holden , who is keepin it real back in NC. Dude hooked me UP with some grub!

Mr. Mark went to work today, which allowed me to get in some quality nap time. When he got home, he had a package from the good folks at FedEx. T'was a box of goodies from ma cuz Holden! Stupid Mr. Mark has been trying to feed me boiled chicken/rice, or hamburger/rice, or who-knows-what-else. I'll eat roast beef sammiches when he brings them to me, but who the hell does he think he is, feeding me that other crap?

My cuz Holden, though... cuz knows what a brotha wants. He got me some Peanut Butter Kisses and some Real Chicken LiverSnax. I inhaled several of each, before Mr. Mark cut me off. A few minutes later, I was so distracted trying to lick essence-of-LiverSnax out of the carpet that I didn't even notice Mr. Mark taking the picture of me (above).

Anyway, I'm gonna go take another nap. Thanks again, H-dog. You rawk.