Chuck Yeager described being a fighter pilot as "99% boredom, 1% terror." I think is how Dreyfus views visits to his pal Dr. Kirmayer. Most of the visit is spent waiting. Some time is always spent getting attention from the vet nurses. But Dreyfus has learned what a needle is. And he has learned that needles are not fun at all. Today we had to muzzle him to keep him calm so Dr. K could draw a blood sample. To Dreyfus' credit, he knows that the muzzle means "it's time to give up, dude, because this is gonna happen whether you like it or not."

Today's picture was taken during the pre-needle boredom phase of the visit. His bloodwork and heart sonogram were both fine, so he got some more drugs, and he'll be moving on to [some other drug... can't remember the name] next week.

I have a few other pictures from today (his Auntie Beth is staying here this evening, on her way back home to Richmond, VA.) I'm going to start saving up pictures for the slow days, in an effort to maintain a picture-per-day pace.