I started off with such good intentions for my spare bedroom. At first, it was going to be a "real" spare bedroom, for when I have guests and whatnot. That plan didn't survive the unpacking of my moving van, when I realized that I would need to dedicate a room to storing all of the crap that wasn't well-suited for other rooms. But even the "storage room" plan failed after I realized that I would need a workshop for my bicycles.

...and a place to do my photography projects.

...and a place to do my computer projects.

...and a place to build my electronics lab.

...and a place to build radio control gliders.

So now my spare bedroom is a combination bike shop, photography studio, computer lab, electonics lab, airplane hanger, library, and general-purpose warehouse. All of which leaves Dreyfus with just barely enough room to wiggle in and relax, while he watches me work on [whatever I'm working on].

I really gotta consider buying a house some day.