Yesterday, JC managed to use the word Schadenfreude in casual conversation. I was jealous. I had heard the word the day before, and made a mental note to try and work it in to a coversation ASAP, but JC beat me to it. It's one of those words that is always fun to use, but I probably haven't used it in several years.

With that said...

Am I evil for feeling Schadenfreude when I watch Dreyfus try to pee in snow that is up to his belly? He a squatter, not a lifter, so snow creates a problem for him. Had he waited any longer, I would have moved some snow to give him room, but luckily he was smart enough to hover over a footprint and... uhhh... give himself some clearance.

I know what you're thinking: "Two days with no updates, then an picture of your dog peeing? Good grief, Mark, what the hell are you thinking?" I'm thinking that I'm getting low on material, and the crappy weather isn't leaving me with options :-) I hereby promise that I will never again show a picture of my dog doing anything unpleasant.