Has it really been a week and a half since I made an update? Yikes! Sorry about that, folks.

I know that many of my regular viewers are concerned about Dreyfus' condition, and I apologize for any added concern caused by my lack of updates. I don't want this photoblog to be a blog about "my poor dog and his health issues." The fact is, Dreyfus doesn't think of himself as a dog with health issues, and I feel guilty when I update this blog with information about his health. If Dreyfus could write this blog, his input would probably be 50% "Do I smell food? Damn, that smells good", 40% "what game do I feel like playing now? Fetchies? Tuggies? Hrmm... so hard to pick", and 10% "which unreachable part of my anatomy needs a vigorous scratch?"

So, I'll give this update, then I'll try to get back to taking one picture every day of Dreyfus enjoying his life. Dreyfus had two seizures last week. He had been 100% seizure-free for EIGHTEEN MONTHS, so it is hard to complain about a track record like that! Still, waking up at 2:30AM to the sounds of a loved one having a grand mal seizure is not a fate I would wish on any caregiver.

Dreyfus' lymph nodes are still swollen, and Dr. K is having trouble getting them down. We switched chemotherapy protocols a few weeks ago, because the previous protocol lost efficacy. But the new protocol has issues of its own. His "bone marrow numbers" (whatever they are, I've stopped analyzing the technical details of his treatment) were adversely affected by the first round of CEENU, so we are waiting to give him his next dose of (whatever is next.)

In 41 days... not that I'm counting the days, because that would be a bit too OCD :-)... I'm leaving for an awesome 9-day trip on the lower half of the Grand Canyon. My father has agreed to take care of Dreyfus while I'm away on the trip, but I can't stop playing the "what if something happens when I'm gone?" game. It's a stupid game, because there is no winning answer. I know that my father/stepmother love Dreyfus as much as I do, and they will take wonderful care of him... but I still worry. Oh well.

'K... I'm rambling. (I'm typing this entry while eating dinner, and I think the bottle of Merlot I opened has gone to my head a bit :-)) Today's entry shows Dreyfus in the middle of one of my favorite tests: The "If you love ME, look at me. If you love CHICKEN, look at the piece of chicken stirfry I'm holding over your head." Dreyfus always looks at the chicken, and I always forgive him :-).

I love my dog.