June 14: Wayensboro, VA (mile 841.5)

taking a zero mileage day in waynesboro.

i was going to have a big update today, but i had to answer about 20 emails, so i have no energy left to update the site. i still have to get to the post office and murder an all-you-can-eat chinese buffet before meeting a few friends for dinner. argh.

not much new here. saw my first rattlesnake the other day! it was awesome. i let it strke at my hiking poles before it slithered off under a log. the weather has been fluctuating between hot+muggy, hot+rainy, and hot+buggy. did i mention its been hot lately?

im doing bigger mileages these days, but im also taking more days off. im still on track to finish the trail sometime in late september or early october. i figured out the other day that i only need to average 12 miles per day or so, which shouldnt be too difficult.

my father has developed the film that ive sent him, so hopefully ill be able to get some pictures scanned and uploaded when i go home to visit in a few weeks.

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