Technical notes:

  • Camera body was my Canon Digital Rebel XT
  • Lens was my Sigma 70-300mm 4-5.6 DG Macro @ 200mm / f11
  • Flash was a Vivitar 283 with the thyristor removed and shorted
  • Exposure was 0.5 seconds, during which the flash was activated by a home-made sound trigger. The trigger I built was almost identical to the one described at HiViz's site
  • Gun was a Daisy Powerline 880 pellet gun and some cheap flathead pellets.
  • I thought I had the sugar cubes well-contained in a box with only four small openings (front for camera, back for background, top for the flash, and another small hole to shoot through.) I STILL have sugar dust all over my room. Yikes.

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