April 16: Gatlingburg, TN (mile 204)

whoa. what a tourist trap! this town is a total shock to my system after being in the woods for so long.

passed over Climan’s Dome today. it is the highest point on the A.T. at elevation 6640 feet (give or take a few… my memory isn’t so great and i don’t have my trail guide with me). my thermometer read 31 degrees when i passed over the mountain, and the wind was gusting to something like 30 or 40 mph. i froze my ass off!

my (left) knee is now at 100%, but i think i’m starting to feel something in my right knee. what an annoyance! my daily mileage isn’t as high as it should be, but i’m not in any hurry. as soon as i get to virginia my average speed will pick up i’m sure.

grrr…. wish i had more time. i’m at the public library and it is closing in 5 minutes. maybe i’ll get a chance to post more updates tomorrow. i might laze around town for a while before heading back to the trail.