July 31: Salisbury, CT (pushing on later, though) (mile 1480.0)

yesterday i got lost, but after walking along an abondoned railroad track, i stumbled upon a bar. and a wine store. lucky me! so after a few brews and a cheeseburger, my hiking partner for the day (Johnny Steele) and i decided to try and catch up to the rest of our gang. when the rest of the gang heard about the wine store, we changed our plans and decided to stay at a nearby state park. it’s funny how fast plans change on the A.T.. i was lost, then found, hungry, then well fed, and sober, then drunk all in a period of less than two hours. i love it when i can just let the day take me wherever it feels like taking me. i have such interesting adventures! today i’m in the lovely new england town of Salisbury, CT. i walked 7 miles to get here, and i’ll walk 4 more to get to a shelter tonight. all of this will be done around a 4 hour mid-day break for food, ice cream, internet, more food, more ice cream, and a nap. if i’m doing my math correctly, i only need to average 10.96 miles per day to finish my hike on October 1st, so i can really take my time and have fun now. no more hurrying like i’ve been doing for the last month.