September 05: Gorham, NH, 5000+ calories into a zero day (mile 1872)

nice little town here… last one i’ll hit for a while probably. the place is simply crawling with hikers. it seems that everyone crashes here for a while after making it through the white mountains. my father has been doing a great job updating the site (thanks, dad!) with all the important info, so i don’t really have much to add. i’m still more or less on pace to finish october 1st, but i might pull a slowdown if the weather allows. i’m really not in a huge hurry for the hike to end, but i know it has to end sometime. it’s sort of like the senior year of college, when you are just enjoying yourself and waiting for the real world to intrude on your good time. everyone is starting to talk about what’s going to happen after the hike. i’m one of the lucky few that (sort of) has a job. i’ll probably have to look for another job inside ibm… which isn’t a surprise at all, nor is it in any way a bad thing… it’s just something i really haven’t wanted to think about on the trail. the plan is to simply think of reentering the job market as another adventure, with as much potential for fun and excitement as going out in to the woods for six months. sorry i haven’t been able to respond to everyone’s emails. i call dad to give him updates for the web site, but i don’t get to a computer often enough to do an adequate job with email. but i really do enjoy getting emails, and i’m glad to know that people are following my trip! oh well, gotta run. take care everyone, and i hope to see all of you soon! (less than two months!) p.s. total weight loss for the trip is now at 45 pounds. argh. time for more ice cream i think.