September 24: Monson, ME (mile 2054)

don’t ask me how Caratunk was listed as 2076 miles. i think i gave my father some incorrect numbers. 2054 for Monson, ME is correct. so here i am. my last trail town. 114.5 miles to go. no showers or town food for at least a week. (sigh)… i thought it might last forever. it looks like i’ll be finishing sometime around the 3rd now, but that could change by a day or two rather easily. i’ll have to carry seven or eight days of food out of here, which is at least four more than i usually carry. i want to have enough food that i can do some side trails in the hundred mile wilderness. hmmm… can’t think of much else to say. i’m still having mixed emotions about the end of the hike. i can’t decide if i’m happy to be done, or sad that life is going to get complicated again. i hope to see/chat with everyone soon.