July 10: dad's crib again (but Duncannon, PA on the trail) (mile ???)

i’ve been pushing huge miles lately (by my standards, at least :-)). i think i averaged 16.8 per day for 9 days from the delaware water gap down to duncannon. i’m at my father’s pad tonight, but i’m hitting the trail again in a few hours. i hope to do the section between duncannon and boiling springs in two days, then take a zero day, then head back to the delaware water gap on saturday. i should be more or less with the same group as when i left at boiling springs. it was VERY nice to see everyone that i’ve hiked with in the past. i was seeing two days worth of thruhikers every day (because i would go one day south and they were going one day north). hopefully i will see a few more folks before i get to boiling springs. ughh, once again i don’t feel like writing too much. sorry these entries are so short… i know a lot of folks have been complaining about lack of info on this site. the truth is i don’t have the time or energy to do much with it. for instance, i have a bunch of nice pictures, but my father’s scanner wasn’t working well when i tried to scan them, and i don’t have the energy to find another way to get them uploaded. oh well.