2005-03-31 Swim

2250 yards. warmup 200 3-pulls-and-roll, then 50 sprint, 100 fast, 200 medium, 300 slow, 400 very slow, 300 slow, 200 medium, 100 fast, 50 sprint. 150 cooldown (done as all breast). This being only 2050 yards, I had to do more. 6x25 butterfly, and some drills.

At one point tonight, I made a nice improvement in my catch. I can't explain exactly how/why it happened, but for a while I was really planting my hand firmly in the water. My stroke count dropped from 15 to 14 and I felt like I was going at least as fast, but with less effort. I didn't have a watch so I don't know have fast I was going (sidebar: I think I lost my watch when I rode the Duke Half IM course last week.) But I felt pretty good. Let's hope this is the start of some kind of breakthrough... I've needed it for a long time now!