2005-08-25 Swim

Good swim. The lanes were less crowded (only myself and Brenda in the lane tonight), and it was the perfect temperature (slightly cool). Coach Jim is taking a break from swim coaching for a while, to focus on his family. I love it when people do this... work and hobbies can always wait, but family can't. The new coach (Phil) seems like a good fella. His workout was a little bit different than the standard Jim workout. 200 free w/u, free/breast x [100 kick, 100 drill, 200 pull, 4x50 faster each 50], then it got weird because I couldn't count :-). I think it was 4x50 freestyle drill, 150 breast (all underwater, i had no problem doing 25 yards underwater this time!), 150 breast 1 pull/2 kick, 4x50 breast (faster each 50). Then 4x25 butterfly, which went VERY well... easily my best butterfly set ever. Then 100 back, and 100 cooldown. I think. Who knows. Everything after the first 1600 is a bit hazy. Total of, uhhhh, 2300 yards?