2005-09-02 Mountainbrick

Fan-damn-tastic mountain bike ride and trail run. Did the West and South loops at Beaverdam, plus a side trail during the South Loop. I had seen this side trail before, but never bothered to explore it. I thought it was a connector trail to cut off the South end of the loop. As I passed it today, I saw a sign that identified the side trail as "Drop Zone", a name which was FAR too interesting to pass up. True to its name, the side trail was a nice 10 minute stretch of huge whoopdeedoos. Huge ones. Scary big ones. The kind that scare the crap out of you as you approach them, then scare you more when you are on them and committed to riding them out, then still scare you when you shoot up the other side and think about what you just did. Great stuff! The trail loops around and connects back to the main South Loop only a few hundred yards from where it entered. I had so much energy after the Drop Zone that the flew through the rest of the South Loop. Even the rock garden section that usually nails me was an absolute breeze.

10 minute transition run after finishing the South/West loops. I felt more than strong enough, but I could feel some inflamation in the right piriformis, so I cut the run short. 92 minutes of cycling, 10:48 of running. Solid workout.