2005-09-03 Bike

Duke Half IM course. Or rather, 54 miles of it. 174 minutes. 18.6mph average. Much better ride than my last few rides on this course. I think the cooler weather (only 91 degrees today!) helped a lot. I also had (almost) enough water with me this time. Started with three full bottles of carbopro+accelerade, and a full belly. Only stop was a bathroom/water refill stop at mile 38.

One thing to note: After my last few bike rides, my clothes and camelback have been COVERED in salt. This is abnormal, as I almost never notice salt on my clothes after a workout. I'm not sure if I'm losing more sodium than normal (my diet has been fairly low sodium this year, but not the past two weeks), or if I'm sweating less overall and thereby increasing the concentration of salt in the sweat but not the overall volume of salt. I'm not suffering any of the signs of electrolyte depletion... in fact I'm finishing my rides with feeling strong. But still, I need to figure out what is causing this salt-dump.