2005-10-30 Swim

Last few days have been hectic. My "workouts" have been limited to long walks with Dr. Dre. Thursday I was working all day, Friday I had a MUCH more enjoyable way to spend my evening :-), and yesterday I was visiting my father and stepmother all day.

Tonight's workout was a solid 40 minute swim. I felt myself getting tired and losing my form after 40 minutes, so I decided it was better to quit than build bad technique into my muscle memory. Did a fairly good (by my standards :-)) 200 IM at one point. Actually managed to finish the leading 50 butterfly with some energy, which I promptly blew on my backstroke. Oh well. 3:35 for the 200 IM, which isn't too much slower than what I swim when I'm in freestyle cruise mode.

Lunchtime bike ride planned for tomorrow. I'll try to Brick it, but only if I'm not spent from the ride.