2005-11-07 Swim

1000 free warmup (trying but failing to hold 1:45... hrmm... don't know why I was so slow today. Ended up about 40 seconds long, so I was @ 1:49/100 for the 1000. Yuck!), then 200 each of back and breast, then some breast kick, then some drills, some more breast, 50 fly (pretty smooth), and I was done.

Uploaded the GPS data from Friday's ride to www.motionbased.com, should anyone have enough time that they actually want to look. Here's the full link. You'll have to register (free), and possibly download Adobe's SVG viewer. The log is a bit off because I didn't stop my GPSr at the end of the ride... so my lunch trip to Subway is recorded along with the bike portion :).