2005-11-12 Bike

1:47:13, 29.8 miles. Rode from my crib to work (exactly 20 minutes, exactly 6.2 miles), then I did an extended version of one of the standard lunchtime rides. I turned left on sample bridge instead right, because I wanted to see what it was like when it hit the mountain. Steep... that's what it was like. But eventually Sample Bridge turned west and went parallel to the ridgeline. Then it hit Miller's Gap Rd., which appeared to go the rest of the way over the mountain. "Sounds like fun!", thought our hero. "Looks steep!", he thought next. Steep doesn't begin to cover it. The next 12 minutes or so were all spent standing... in my lowest gear... going about 5mph... with my HR pegged. Damn, that road was steep! The paved road stopped at the top, so I enjoyed the view for a while, then turned around and went down the same hill. I hit 52.6 mph on the descent, and I was on my brakes for a while. I took Miller's Gap Rd. back over Wertzville road until it hit Sunset Dr., then took Sunset back to Sample Bridge, and this time took Sample Bridge back to 11, and home.

Fun ride. A bit chilly, but my toe warmers, fleece tights, leg warmers, two pairs of shorts, arm warmers, and skull cap all kept me warm. My lungs got a bit hammered by the cold/dry air, but other than that I felt pretty good.

I got home, made a Famous Mark Rebuck Slimfast+Frozen Banana+Orange Juice+Milk+Breyer's Strawberry Cheescake Yogurt smoothie, and decided to watch some TV (something I haven't been doing at all). As soon as I sat down, the 2005 Ironman Triathlon World Championship came on NBC. What timing!