2005-11-16 Swim

Yikes. Been busy lately, and I have failed to make time to work out. Bad Markie! Bad Markie! No dog treat for you!

Got myself to the pool tonight, though. 200 free warmup, then 7x100 free on 1:45 (holding easily at the start, and with difficulty at the end). Then 2x200 one arm drill, 200 each of back, breast, and free, then 3x50 butterfly. I was going to try for 75 butterfly on the last one, but didn't have the energy. So I hopped out of the pool, feel generally good. As I walked past the other pool, the coach of the Y kids team belted out "100 butterfly... GO!", and every damn one of those little punks railed off a solid 100 butterfly. Bastards. I'm gonna have the endurance for a 100 butterfly before next spring, dammit.