2006-01-28 Bike

I left all of my biking gear at work yesterday, but didn't remember until after I got home. So I had to go back in to pick the stuff up today. This gave me the perfect excuse to put in another ride starting/ending from the office. I started the same way I usually start a ride from work, but this time I went left on Valley View and stayed to the west of my normal route. I worked my way north to Wertzville, then decided to go up the mountain. Wertzville was slightly easier than the road I tried last time, but it was still plenty tough. On the way back down, the sign said "8% grade next 1 1/4 miles", which means it was slighty > 500 feet of climbing. But it was one of those roads that is 4% for a while, then 12% for a while. The steep parts killed me. I need to get some lower gearing. Maybe I'll move the Ultegra 10 crank / bottom bracket from UnnamedNewBike to Debra, then move Debra's bottom bracket to UnnamedNewBike along with a compact crank. Hrmmm...

After coming back down Wertzville, I took 944 towards Carlisle Springs, then poked around on various roads north of 81 but south of Wertzville. The Appalachian Trail runs north through that area, so I kept weaving back and forth trying to follow it as much as I could.

No HRM (though I suspect my HR was high the entire ride), no watch (I would guess 100 minutes), no cyclecompter (I would guess 25ish miles). Random sidebar: I went bowling with I/CJ and RB last night. Today, my entire right forearm and wrist were tweaked and I actually had trouble shifting. It cracks me up that the seemingly easy activity of *bowling* can cause muscle fatigue if I haven't done it in a while.