2006-02-15 Swim

Short but fairly hard swim. 300 free WU, then 3x100 sprint (1:25 to 1:30 for each), then 300 of breast, each 100 coming in at 1:45, then 300 free (slow), then I just started goofing off. Several 25's underwater, a few 50's of butterfly, and some aquajogging to keep my HR up (sidebar: aquajogging might be the most boring activity a person could do).

During one of my 50 butterfly's, I finished the 50 with more than enough strength to take off again, but totally wussed out. Now I'm sitting here being mad at myself for knock knocking out a 100 fly like a Real Man would have done. [sigh]. Random introduction of a goal for 2006: A 400 IM.