2006-03-25 AM Racquetball

Got schooled by BK this morning. He must have been pissed about last week :). He was on fire! I felt like I was seeing the ball ok, but still couldn't make anything happen. His serves had me on defense from the start, and he was damn killshot factory after my returns. First game was nearly a shutout. Second game he won 15-10. Third game I forget.

Bowling last night went the same way for me... I thought I was throwing the ball just fine, but simply wasn't scoring. My first game, I never had less than 9 on the first ball (would have been a 300 in no-tap!), but I had two open frames and very few strikes (non back-to-back). Final score was only 173 or something. The second and third games were even worse.

Mountainbiking with JL (CL's husband, not JL=Tex) in an hour. I haven't ridden Melinda SINCE I LIVED IN NC!!! Yikes! Had to give her a good tuneup last night... hopefully she won't let me down.