2006-04-01 Racquetball

Saturday morning racquetball with BK. Only got in two games because my right arm went nuts on me. Every square inch of the arm from the shoulder to the elbow was in agonizing pain from almost the very start of the first game. Not sure what it was, exactly, but it wasn't fun. First game went to BK 15-14. Second game I could hardly swing the racquet, but played pattycake shots in good positions and managed to win. Then I called it quits. Good thing, too, because my body simply shut down after we stopped. I got dizzy, nausious, hot/cold, etc. I limped home after a few rest stops, and promptly puked. But after getting some food in my stomach, the dizziness went away. BK suggested that the queasiness was a low blood-sugar reaction, which sounds quite plausible. I didn't have anything to eat before playing, and I felt better almost instantly after puking and getting something back in my stomach. I'll have to pay more attention to this. I've never been much for working out in the morning, but I've also never thought about my blood sugar levels in the morning.

Icing my arm off and on all day has really helped. I think I put too much stress on it by playing racquetball thursday night with GP, then bowling last night (puts more stress on your tendons than you might imagine!), then racquetball again this morning.