2006-05-20 (urban) MTB

Poked around Harrisburg with JL and E. Nothing that was sustained aerobic, but it was a ton of fun to just goof around riding on the streets. We took Market St. over to City Island, spent some time looking at the military expo, then worked our way north up to HACC, then back to the capital (nice building! I looks kindda ghetto from the front, but from the back and from the center area, it actually looks rather nice. The masonry is awesome. Then we took Harvey Tailor bridge back to the West Shore, and up to a park for some light trail riding, then home. 20something miles total.

Skipped my planned evening workout to go up to my fathers and eat waffles+chicken, ice cream, etc., etc. :-). Got some good pics of Dreyfus playing fetchies in the back yard.