2006-05-29 Bike

Picked up GP, then met MH for a ride in the valley south/east of Peter's Mountain... so, as always, I managed to get in an A.T. crossing :-). Lovely ride. Out/back on 325, which meant we were riding through PA State Game Land the entire way. The terrain was genuinely rolling... it reminded me a lot of the rollers in NC. I felt really strong the entire time. I tend to do worse when the hills are longer or steeper, but on these I could build/hold enough speed on the downs and flats that I could just roll up an over the other side. I was able to pedal smooth and with more or less constant power. 37 miles, 2261' climbing, 19.0mph. I think I could ride this thing over 20mph if I pushed.

I went for a run after, GP climbed Peter's Mountain. MH had to get home to the wife & kids.