Pardon my rambling today... I'm not in a literary mood.

The picture is of Dreyfus and his Grandpa at the emergency Vet this morning, before transfer back to his normal Vet. He was at the emergency Vet because the second Vet that we visited didn't like what he saw on the ultrasound. He strongly suspects Dreyfus has Lymphoma (cancer of the Lymph Nodes). Dreyfus' calcium level were up to life-threatening levels by last evening.

Dreyfus had plenty of fluids/pees last night, and his calcium dropped all the way down to normal level, which was a great way to start the day. But his kidney numbers have gone the other way, and they don't show signs of reversing. Dreyfus will be spending the weekend at the emergency Vet.

[I've tried to edit this paragraph 100 times, and can't find any other way to say it: Dreyfus is dying. If he gets past his immediate crisis, we have to deal with what is in all likelihood Lymphoma. Chemotherapy for Lymphoma is often good at extending a dogs life for something on the order of a year... but even that "best case" scenario isn't on our horizon right now.]

My father and stepmother will both be here with me tonight, which is a damn good thing, because my apartment feels lonely without Dreyfus :-(.