Ate lunch with Dreyfus at the emergency vet. Scored my little pal another Arby's Roast Beef. His numbers are coming down, but they are being driven down with heavy doses of steroids and diuresis, which is not a situation that can go on forever.

And now... today's ramblings :-). A few years ago, I started keeping a daily journal. I found that I was forgetting things such as how/when I met people. So, every day, I started recording the who/what/where of my day. Exactly one year ago today, my entry read:

2005-09-24: 7:15PM Met with Dreyfus today (met his mommie at the dog park on Millbrook). Dreyfus was an interesting dog. [Rest of entry removed]

A few days later, I had Dreyfus over for a nice 3-day visit . After the visit, I came up to PA for a job interview, but I was thinking about Dreyfus at least as much as issues related to the possible new job, or move to PA. I couldn't get him out of my mind.

A later journal entry reads:

2005-10-04: 8:18PM Busy day. Accepted the offer at [company] Sent in an application for an apartment in Camp Hill, PA. Gave 60 day notice to my current apartment complex. Talked to Dreyfusís mom, and told her Iím leaning towards not adopting Dreyfus. But I have since changed my mind. Iím leaning towards adopting him. Iím going to think about this some more.

Dreyfus' foster Mom called me at the exact moment I was faxing my acceptance letter to my new employer in PA. I remember thinking that I was going to have way too much going on, and it wasn't fair to Dreyfus to bring him into a situation with so much variability. I will never forget how I felt when I said it. I had never felt like such a total wimp before. I thought about it a lot, and realized that I only said I didn't want him because I was reacting to fear. The next day, I sent Dreyfus' mom an email telling her that I didn't want fear driving my life, and that I thought I could be a good parent to Dreyfus. I wanted to be with him, so I asked her if she would let me adopt him. She agreed, and a few days later, I recorded:

2005-10-07: 11:58PM Picked up Dreyfus today. I adopted him. Go Me! [Rest of entry removed]

So today is my one year anniversary of meeting Dreyfus. It's been a great year. Even with the absurd stress of the past few days, and the uncertainty about what the future will bring, the past year with Dreyfus has been absolutely priceless. I love my dog!