Well, Dreyfus is back in full form. Today we have two pictures, both of which showcase the Dreyfus we've come to know and love.

The picture on the left shows Dreyfus trying to look innocent, while standing directly over the evidence at the scene of the crime. He got into the garbage can, and managed to snack on some paper towels. The little bastard doesn't seem to care about the food, but he loves to chew on paper products. Long-time viewers of this site will remember similar crimes in his past.

The picture on the right shows Dreyfus playing indoor fetchies of his favorite toy. He hasn't had any energy to play fetch for the last two weeks, but when I got home from work today, he was up for a round or two. Woohoo!

Vet appointment with Dr. Kirmayer (cancer doc) tomorrow AM. We'll be watching the white blood cell count and all the other numbers, and probably moving on to the next drug in the standard chemo protocol if everything checks out. The standard chemo protocols for Lymphoma usually involve one vet visit per week for 12 weeks.