I forgot to take my camera to the vet today, and missed a great photo-op. At one point, Dreyfus got simultaneous scratches from two vet-techs. Watching him get his scratch on with two ladies at once, I realized that Dre is 10 times the playa that I'll ever be!

So today's photo is another from my Photographic Clichés Project: The "Light Trace During Long Exposure" Cliché. This was a 20 second exposure, using a red laser pen to do the drawing on a plain white wall (in a totally dark room, of course).

Dreyfus' vet visit went as expected. His white blood cell count is a bit down, so we delayed giving him the next drug in his chemo cocktail until next Monday. Dr. Kirmayer said all of Dreyfus' other numbers were exactly where they are supposed to be.